Monday, May 16, 2011

Because of you...

Everyone told me you were no good,

I always said you just don't know him like I do.

Now all I can say is you were right about him,

And all I hear in return is all the I told you so's!

But the worse part is you never even cared like you always said you did,

Which makes me completely hate everything about you.

Because my heart && feelings were just toys for you to play with,

Never did you intend on anything more than a friend or just a good time.

Well I've learned my lesson!!

Yes, it's been the hard painful way,

But because of you my walls are higher, my heart is colder && it will take so much for me to love again.

I thank you for that though, because now I know exactly what I want,

Which means I will never settle for one ounce less,

And I've became that much stronger through all the struggles that meant nothing to you!!

So, thank you for all the hurt, heartache, && tears that you've put me thru, I'll forever hate you for all you've done to me!!

((This poem is wrote because of the heartache that i am recently feeling. I never thought after knowing someone for about 14 yrs that they could totally just walk on you && pretend that you mean nothing after saying "i love you && i can see us being together one day." All i have to say is that im glad i didnt get as caught up in his bullshit as i could've && that i said enough is enough before i heard the news that he called me with on saturday. I just dont get how people can ruin an 18 yr marriage with 6 kids involved && soon to be 2 grandbabies involved && not even care at all...Are people really honestly that selfish && self centered in the world today?? It makes me sick to think that so many people do things like this && never even blink an eye. My heart goes out to all soon to be 10 children involved in this horrible mess that 3 people created outta "fun or booty calls"!!))

(This is the start of my next having a little brain blockage so i havent been able to finish it yet but figured i would share what i have anyways :) )

All I can do is think about you,
Knowing it will never be what I want it to be yet I just can't seem to stop myself,

This love that i feel is so right, is really oohh so wrong.

I close my eyes at night with noone but you on my mind && I awaken to holding my pillow wishing it was you instead.

But how can this be when this love i have for you is oohh so wrong?

Because you say you love me, yet i dont even think you truly care,

And i still let myself fall deeper && deeper into your trap!

This is all i have right now so please feel free to give me your feed back on these poems if you would like!! :)